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Born and raised on the flat terrain of Saskatchewan, I was deeply influenced by its open skies and far reaching horizons. Looking up and looking out, these panoramic vistas bolstered a sense of unlimited boundaries and nurtured an already busy imagination.

Dianne Strilaeff

As a child, I was encouraged to create art using whatever media presented themselves: wood, metal, paper, textiles, plant life, dead insects, live pets. As long as I could manipulate it, I was painting, braiding, weaving, sewing and/or gluing it. However, as I grew up, my artistic interests receded and were replaced with the more serious academia.

While in Edmonton, I lived in a house that was begging for attention. I ended up painting and refinishing just about every inch of vertical as well as much of the horizontal surfaces at least once. In essence, my house became my canvas and my artistic leanings were reignited.

It was during this time that I began taking art classes at the University of Alberta and, having nothing to tie me down, I decided to relocate to Regina in 2006 and enroll in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at the University of Regina. I have taken a variety of art instruction classes in Regina within and outside of the program, including Emma Lake, Saskatchewan and San Francisco, all of which have facilitated the unleashing of the creative forces that I believe live in all of us.

I currently live in Regina, happily reacquainting myself with friends and familiar haunts from the past, making new friends and memories, creating art, hanging with my cats and…just letting life unfold. I have shown my work at the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery in Edmonton, Art Gallery of Regina and its satellite venues, Fifth Parallel Gallery, The Fainting Goat, and other venues in the city. My artwork is represented at both corporate and private collections.

I am employed by the Art Gallery of Regina and currently serve as Vice-President of Common Weal Community Arts and past Vice-President of the Aurora Art Guild.


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