I have learned to depend on art and the process of making art to lift my emotions whenever I feel disconnected from what really matters. When I paint I feel clear-headed, intuitive, alive, expansive. My work is abstract but not non-figurative. There is, and always has been, some reference to the real world whether it is of nature or the urbane. I feel inspired by the easy yet beautiful repetition of patterns. For me, this repetition provides a calming reminder of the continuity of life. I like my art to evoke feelings of curiosity, ambiguity and intrigue. It gives me immense pleasure when the viewer sees something in my art, or feels an emotion that I had not seen or felt myself.

My painting is an intuitive process which requires periods of solitude in order to connect with my creativity. I tend to work on several pieces at a time to allow freshly painted layers to completely dry and not disrupt the flow of the painting process. My paintings are compositions comprised of many layers of colour with overlapping shapes, drips, scratches and scrapings. I like to use oils for their malleability, inks for their brilliance and acrylics for their convenience. My repertoire of tools is constantly changing and expanding. Currently, I’m very fond of sponges, knives, nails, and squirt bottles. I use a lot of deep, earthy colours and bold colour combinations in my work to restore feelings of strength, harmony and beauty.

When I paint I never know what will be revealed. I begin without any preconceived ideas: every piece is a journey to some inner realm. When a painting turns out well, it means I’ve communicated and made a connection through my art. I want my art to be aesthetically pleasing as well as intriguing. My intention is to draw one in and encourage the viewer to pause and come in to the present moment – to clear the mind of its to do lists, its chatter and mini dramas….calling one to come forth to the present and stay awhile.